Love Letter No. 3

Dear World,

Reading the news today is distressing, to say the least. I don’t know how you feel about it, but speaking from my own experience over the past few weeks, the more of it I read, the more panic attacks I have, and it’s nearly destroyed my psyche.

What can this self do against a collective consciousness that seems hell-bent on destructiveness, whether it’s through killing each other or killing the planet?

In the face of impending doom for us all, I propose some good old-fashioned New Year’s Resolutions as a good place to start:

Waste less. You don’t need all the extra stuff. It’s taking up space that you could be using to have more life, and in case you forgot, for this go-around at least, you only get a definite amount of time. Stop throwing things away, and learn to fix them. You’ll feel better about yourself in the end. Find ways to avoid creating trash; it’s really not as hard as it seems. Use what you already have, or start getting things second-hand, if you can. Think about how to conserve energy, inside and outside of yourself. Save some animal lives and a lot of methane gas, and eat less meat or dairy.

Live more. Whatever it is that you feel compelled to do, start doing it. Reach out eagerly and take the life that you want, and don’t be afraid to have it.

Love. Love. Love. Create beauty. They’re the only things worth living for.

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